Snowy Day

It snowed today! I love snow, especially when there’s just enough to cover the grass, but not enough to shovel! Then, there’s plenty of fun without all the work 😉
But, it was too cold and windy to play outside for very long. Instead, we made paper snowflakes. We folded construction paper and cut out shapes and whatnot, then unfolded to see our results. Monkey Nose had so much fun helping me cut. She’s never used scissors before, so it was a new adventure.
Then, she had a great idea! She took all the snowflakes up the stairs and DROPPED THEM ONE BY ONE, so it looked like snow inside! She spent an hour climbing and dropping. Aah, what a wonderful way to keep her busy, and get a workout, on a cold, snowy day.


52 Pick Up

Not my favorite game, but it’s simple and it’s keeping Monkey Nose busy on these cold rainy days.
We have a set of playing cards that are pink and purple, instead of black and red. No one plays actual card games with them because they’re too… I don’t know… pink and purple, I guess.
Well, Monkey Nose LOVES to throw them all on the floor, one by one, and watch Mama pick them ALL up again. It makes her belly laugh, which I love to hear. So, I put up with it.
Maybe it’s time to reverse the roles … then I might enjoy this game as much as she does!

Mama is Bored

“Shh! The baby is sleeping! Don’t talk… don’t move…. don’t do ANYTHING!
Oh, wait, she woke up.
So, now what do we do?
Umm … we could stare at each other again…. as usual…. until you fall asleep again…”

This was my life. For 3 months after my daughter was born, I was sooooooo bored!
Don’t get me wrong. She is amazing, beautiful, and totally worth it. But she didn’t do anything but ESP – Eat, Sleep, Poop – over and over and over ad nauseum….
Before she was born (right up until the day before) I was a preschool teacher with a very full class of 3 year olds, running me around like crazy. There was never a dull moment. Compared to that exciting chaos, caring for a newborn is a walk in the park. No, literally. That was a huge field trip, walking in the park, in the mall, or around the block. Anything to get out of the house.

Fast forward 15 months.
She’s a busy, curious toddler, walking herself all around the park! So, why am I still bored? No excuses any more! It’s time to get up, shake off the cobwebs, and put my college education to work! Time to be my daughter’s (almost) preshool teacher!

Crayola Color Wonder

Remember how I worked as a Preschool teacher for years and years? Well, when I was doing that, every piece of clothing I owned was stained with various shades of tempera paint – red, green, aquamarine.
When I discovered , it was one of those moments when you see a light shining from the sky, hear a choir sing, and a harp playing beautiful chords!
What a wonderful invention (pun intended)! For those who don’t know, Color Wonder is a line of art supplies, mostly markers and paints, that are colorless. But when you use them on the special paper, the colors appear.
Monkey Nose likes it, too, although she isn’t quite sure why she can’t color on her clothes or the walls. She likes to finger paint with the clear gel paint, and I don’t worry at all about her clothes getting messy (or mine either, which is the whole point!)
Hurray for mess free art!


SAHM – Stuck @ Home Mom. Hubby dearest works all day, out of the house, taking our only car with him. If I can’t walk there with the baby and 2 dogs, then we can’t go. Those are pretty serious limitations in suburbia! You can’t walk anywhere here. There’s a gas station and a soccer park, but that’s it. The end. And they’re both over a mile away, in opposite directions.

We joined a Mommy & Me group, made playdates, and signed up for library activities. But we always have to cancel because we lack transportation. All that’s left is to entertain ourselves here at home.

So that’s what this is all about: how I entertain my toddler, and myself, because –