Mama is Bored

“Shh! The baby is sleeping! Don’t talk… don’t move…. don’t do ANYTHING!
Oh, wait, she woke up.
So, now what do we do?
Umm … we could stare at each other again…. as usual…. until you fall asleep again…”

This was my life. For 3 months after my daughter was born, I was sooooooo bored!
Don’t get me wrong. She is amazing, beautiful, and totally worth it. But she didn’t do anything but ESP – Eat, Sleep, Poop – over and over and over ad nauseum….
Before she was born (right up until the day before) I was a preschool teacher with a very full class of 3 year olds, running me around like crazy. There was never a dull moment. Compared to that exciting chaos, caring for a newborn is a walk in the park. No, literally. That was a huge field trip, walking in the park, in the mall, or around the block. Anything to get out of the house.

Fast forward 15 months.
She’s a busy, curious toddler, walking herself all around the park! So, why am I still bored? No excuses any more! It’s time to get up, shake off the cobwebs, and put my college education to work! Time to be my daughter’s (almost) preshool teacher!


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