To Share or Not to Share…

Let’s talk about playdate etiquette.

We were at my girlfriend’s place, and Monkey Nose insisted on swiping the little boy’s toys right from his hands. Now I know this is developmentally appropriate for her age, but it still needs to be addressed so it doesn’t become a habit latter in life. And, she always responds with crocodile tears, because that works at home with Busy Daddy and Grammy. That sets off the domino effect, making her friend cry, which makes MN cry even more!

So, here’s my question. If the friend doesn’t react to MN swiping, do I reprove her anyway, or let it go?  My sense of justice dictates I fix the situation, reinforcing the good behavior I’ve always promoted. My need for adult interaction, however, screams “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

What would you do?


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