Egg Hunt at Point Pleasant Beach

Egg Hunt

Monkey Nose went digging in the sand today and found 3 eggs!

Well, actually, she was throwing the sand around, and the eggs were given to her, but, same difference.

Every year, on Palm Sunday, Point Pleasant Beach hosts an Egg Hunt for children, on the beach. Despite the destruction still visible from Super Storm Sandy, the Boardwalk and beach are open, so we went to support some local business.

Each child is to bring a shovel, pail or basket, and dig to find 3 eggs with prizes inside. We were late (of course, because I’m always late.  Ask anyone.) so there were no eggs left in the sand. But there were “referees” or something like that wandering around with eggs handing them out to us late comers. So we still win.
And MN will never know the difference. (Unless she reads this later.)

I was so excited that MN had a great time. I love the beach, and I love living close enough to go often. But last year, we only went twice, because MN HATED the sand. If a single grain got on her skin, she FREAKED OUT!!! She sat on my lap, under an umbrella and blanket the entire time. Oh, geez! So, maybe this year will be different.

Then, we met up with some friends and rode the Merry Go Round. Fun!

Here’s another picture, just because.

Egg Hunt 2


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