Funny Things She Says

Someone said to keep a list of the funny things Monkey Nose says, so we don’t forget them. So here’s as many as I can remember right now, and I’ll add more as she comes up with them!

• One, Port, Pie! ~ means 1, 4, 5 because 2 and 3 aren’t necessary.
• Bunny Nummy ~ means mac and cheese (Annie’s brand)
• Hie-heek ~ means hide and seek
• Momo ~ means monkey, obviously her favorite animal!
• But ~ short for butterfly
• Weesh ~ means shoe. She used to say shoe, then one day changed her mind.
• Boot ~ could mean a boot, a book, a boat, or my Kindle Fire tablet.
• Portupie ~ means strawberry.


Update: Here are some more. I knew I would miss a bunch, but also some new ones.

  • Garby ~ means garbage, one of her first words
  • Lunch ~ means any meal, it’s all lunch to her
  • Cookie ~ means a cracker
  • Apple Pie ~ means apple sauce, she doesn’t like real apple pie

As you can see, we talk a lot about food. And she can eat as many cookies and apple pies as she likes, as long as she really means crackers and apples sauce!!!


Let’s Go Fly a Kite




Papa came home with a huge, 3D butterfly kite! So, naturally we had to fly it on the first windy day. Papa is an excellent kite flier. He got it all the way above the tree line, and into the neighbor’s bushes!

Natural Cold Remedies That Work

Monkey Nose has a cold. It’s pretty nasty. Post-nasal drip sore throat, coughing, tunny nose and watery eyes, the works. She’s not sleeping well either, so she’s pretty grumpy. Fun.

I remember her very first cold. She was 8 months old and I had no clue what to do, so I put out a plea on Facebook. I got many answers, some awesome and some … not. Each time she has a cold, I’ve gotten better at not freaking out, and helping her feel better.

Here are a few things that have seemed to help alleviate her discomfort, when she’ll agree to let me help her.

1. Steam. We have a humidifier, actually it’s an old rice pot that heats up water and a few drop of Eucalyptus essential oil. This, combined with occasionally sitting in the bathroom with the shower running hot, helps keep the mucus loose, easier to get out. MN loves to draw on the foggy mirror, and then I let her clean up her fingerprints with a paper towel when she’s done.

2. Vick’s Baby Rub. The adult version is too strong for young children and babies, so they developed a baby formula, with aloe, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary. I like it even better than the original. MN isn’t very fond of the greasy feeling, so I usually apply it after she falls asleep.

3. Chicken broth. Whether in a pot of soup or just on it’s own, chicken broth made from the bones has great restorative power. I always keep fresh chicken soup in the house, because you never know when you’ll need a pick-me-up. MN currently loves her broth with quinoa and carrots.

4. Honey. This is only for babies over 12 months, because of the high risk of botulism in honey that younger babies cannot defend against. Other than that, honey is great for the immune system and soothes a sore throat. Local honey is best, because it is like a vaccine against all the pollen in your area. MN refuses to take it by the spoonful, so I hide it in things, like oatmeal, juice, or tea.

5. Fresh air. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but getting out is great when your congested. If the weather is nice enough, go out and breathe in all that fresh, germ-free air! Also, a little bit of exercise will help your little ones nap and sleep better, making the rest they get more restorative.

There are many more suggestions you can find if you Google for more answers, but these are the top 5 that work every time for us. Since MN is so darn skinny, conventional medications and decongestants are still out of the question, so I’ve tried nearly every natural and traditional method I could find. I pray your child never has to suffer through this, but if she does, maybe these tricks can help.

Bored Mama and the Scissors: A Cautionary Tale

Monkey Nose needed her bangs trimmed. They were hanging in her eyes. She hates them poking her, so it was imperitive they be trimmed.
So, I sit her by the sink, grab the scissors and snip.
Then, hair falls onto her leg.
Then, she freaks out.
Then, she won’t stay still, but I’ve only cut one part.
It looks bad. See?

Oh, no! What do I do????? How do I get the rest done?!?!
My sister usually does this. She’s a professional hair cutter. And, she lives just down the hall.
So, I send a quick text.
It reads, “Help! I’m butchering MN’s bangs!”
She comes running (but her scissors are in their safety pouch, so it’s okay.)
Minutes later, all is well.

A little short, but at least we won’t need to go through this drama again anytime soon!!
The End.