Bored Mama and the Scissors: A Cautionary Tale

Monkey Nose needed her bangs trimmed. They were hanging in her eyes. She hates them poking her, so it was imperitive they be trimmed.
So, I sit her by the sink, grab the scissors and snip.
Then, hair falls onto her leg.
Then, she freaks out.
Then, she won’t stay still, but I’ve only cut one part.
It looks bad. See?

Oh, no! What do I do????? How do I get the rest done?!?!
My sister usually does this. She’s a professional hair cutter. And, she lives just down the hall.
So, I send a quick text.
It reads, “Help! I’m butchering MN’s bangs!”
She comes running (but her scissors are in their safety pouch, so it’s okay.)
Minutes later, all is well.

A little short, but at least we won’t need to go through this drama again anytime soon!!
The End.


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