Funny Things She Says

Someone said to keep a list of the funny things Monkey Nose says, so we don’t forget them. So here’s as many as I can remember right now, and I’ll add more as she comes up with them!

• One, Port, Pie! ~ means 1, 4, 5 because 2 and 3 aren’t necessary.
• Bunny Nummy ~ means mac and cheese (Annie’s brand)
• Hie-heek ~ means hide and seek
• Momo ~ means monkey, obviously her favorite animal!
• But ~ short for butterfly
• Weesh ~ means shoe. She used to say shoe, then one day changed her mind.
• Boot ~ could mean a boot, a book, a boat, or my Kindle Fire tablet.
• Portupie ~ means strawberry.


Update: Here are some more. I knew I would miss a bunch, but also some new ones.

  • Garby ~ means garbage, one of her first words
  • Lunch ~ means any meal, it’s all lunch to her
  • Cookie ~ means a cracker
  • Apple Pie ~ means apple sauce, she doesn’t like real apple pie

As you can see, we talk a lot about food. And she can eat as many cookies and apple pies as she likes, as long as she really means crackers and apples sauce!!!


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