I’m a SAHM – Stuck @ Home Mom

That means Dear Hubby takes our only car to work, leaving Mama and Baby @ home to entertain each other.

Baby Girl, Monkey Nose is a curious 1 1/2 year old, keeping Mama busy climbing on the furniture and running up and down the stairs.

Bored Mama was a professional preschool teacher up until the day Monkey Nose was born. Now, I’m stuck home, teaching my own preschooler (well, almost). In my spare time, I cook, clean, teach children’s meetings at our Bible fellowship group, sew forMonkey Pants Diapers, and, on occasion, take a nap.

Busy Dada is an Entrepreneur, working hard to build the best life for his family. In his spare time, he works for a plaster company and studies for his citizenship test.

All together, we love to eat good food, keep good company, and have tickle fights. (I always loose.) Thanks for reading about our adventures!


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