If My Children Made a List – Torture Tactics

Spending as much time as I do with young children, I occasionally wonder what they would do in certain situations. You know, like if a toddler worked at some corporate office, or if a preschooler was a professional athlete.

Well, today I was imagining what my children would do if they were secret agents had to torture someone for information. Crazy, I know. But this list is pretty funny!

Spoon-feeding pureed food. Because nothing says “torture” than providing nutrition!

Diaper changes. Seriously. You’d think babies would WANT that mess cleaned up!

Getting dressed. This is like diapering, but worse. And let’s not even mention socks and shoes!

Taking a bath. It’s torture to get them in the tub, and torture to get them back out!

Cleaning their noses. Or any mess on their faces. They act like if you wipe hard enough, their nose will wipe off too!

Sitting still. The only time my children stay still is when they’re strapped down by the 5-point harness in the car seat. And even then, they wriggle like worms…

Nap time. They’ll regret this one day, when they’re too old for naps. That’s when they realize how great it really is!

Funny how some of these things would be welcomed by the typical prisoner (maybe not the diaper thing, but most people enjoy being clean, fed, warm and well rested!). Ha!

Oh well. One day they’ll understand. 😉


Breaking News!

On Father’s Day, (June 16, 2013) Busy Papa and I announced to our family that


We are currently 4 months along, due at the end of November (after Thanksgiving), and feeling great, although a little stretched out!

We will be announcing “boy or girl” as soon as we find out, and may even ask some input on names, especially considering how long Monkey Nose went without a name 🙂

Thanks for sharing in this special time with us!

We are eternally blessed, and looking forward with great excitement to all that this new adventure will have in store. And, hey, maybe I won’t be quite so bored anymore…

(p.s. – photo credit, because I’m not that creative. http://healthycoconutblog.com/2012/10/29/baby-announcement-our-little-pumpkin/)

Summer… camp? A bit of blogkeeping

So, summer is coming, and I want to have a routine in place so it doesn’t fly by before we get anything (fun) accomplished.

Monkey Nose at a splash park last summer

Monkey Nose at a splash park last summer

I’m planning on taking lots of trips to the beach, aquarium, park, farm market, etc, and none of that will happen if I just let it “go with the flow”! Also, I would like to work our way through an “Around the Globe” curriculum I used a few years ago in a preschool summer camp. That’s a pretty ambitious looking summer, so a plan is definitely necessary!

Here’s my tentative outline so far:

8:00 – Breakfast

8:30 – Songs and Story time (introducing the day’s activities)

9:15 -** Outdoor time (before the heat of the day) like the baby pool or gardening or a trip to the playground

10:30 – Snack

11:00 – Art/Science activity

11:30 – Freeplay/Games

12:30 – Lunch

1:00 – Quiet time (we don’t always nap, but we always take a rest for at least an hour because Mama needs it!)

**On days that we stay home, we’ll follow this schedule, but on days with a trip planned, we’ll most likely be leaving around this time. That means snack and lunch may be on the road, and art and freeplay are off the schedule. But trips are definitely worth this sacrifice!

Every week, I’ll post up our proposed activities for the week, and then put up some pics, reviews, and cute memories (because we know Monkey Nose will be throwing wrenches in my plans all along the way).

Next week, we’ll start with getting our props for “traveling around the globe” ready, like a cardboard suitcase, play passport, and (of course) a messy shirt/smock for arts and crafts time! We’ll sing songs like “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” and play matching games with traveling vehicles. Check in on Monday for song lyrics and game templates.

We’re looking forward to an exciting adventure with you this summer!

Natural Cold Remedies That Work

Monkey Nose has a cold. It’s pretty nasty. Post-nasal drip sore throat, coughing, tunny nose and watery eyes, the works. She’s not sleeping well either, so she’s pretty grumpy. Fun.

I remember her very first cold. She was 8 months old and I had no clue what to do, so I put out a plea on Facebook. I got many answers, some awesome and some … not. Each time she has a cold, I’ve gotten better at not freaking out, and helping her feel better.

Here are a few things that have seemed to help alleviate her discomfort, when she’ll agree to let me help her.

1. Steam. We have a humidifier, actually it’s an old rice pot that heats up water and a few drop of Eucalyptus essential oil. This, combined with occasionally sitting in the bathroom with the shower running hot, helps keep the mucus loose, easier to get out. MN loves to draw on the foggy mirror, and then I let her clean up her fingerprints with a paper towel when she’s done.

2. Vick’s Baby Rub. The adult version is too strong for young children and babies, so they developed a baby formula, with aloe, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary. I like it even better than the original. MN isn’t very fond of the greasy feeling, so I usually apply it after she falls asleep.

3. Chicken broth. Whether in a pot of soup or just on it’s own, chicken broth made from the bones has great restorative power. I always keep fresh chicken soup in the house, because you never know when you’ll need a pick-me-up. MN currently loves her broth with quinoa and carrots.

4. Honey. This is only for babies over 12 months, because of the high risk of botulism in honey that younger babies cannot defend against. Other than that, honey is great for the immune system and soothes a sore throat. Local honey is best, because it is like a vaccine against all the pollen in your area. MN refuses to take it by the spoonful, so I hide it in things, like oatmeal, juice, or tea.

5. Fresh air. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but getting out is great when your congested. If the weather is nice enough, go out and breathe in all that fresh, germ-free air! Also, a little bit of exercise will help your little ones nap and sleep better, making the rest they get more restorative.

There are many more suggestions you can find if you Google for more answers, but these are the top 5 that work every time for us. Since MN is so darn skinny, conventional medications and decongestants are still out of the question, so I’ve tried nearly every natural and traditional method I could find. I pray your child never has to suffer through this, but if she does, maybe these tricks can help.

To Share or Not to Share…

Let’s talk about playdate etiquette.

We were at my girlfriend’s place, and Monkey Nose insisted on swiping the little boy’s toys right from his hands. Now I know this is developmentally appropriate for her age, but it still needs to be addressed so it doesn’t become a habit latter in life. And, she always responds with crocodile tears, because that works at home with Busy Daddy and Grammy. That sets off the domino effect, making her friend cry, which makes MN cry even more!

So, here’s my question. If the friend doesn’t react to MN swiping, do I reprove her anyway, or let it go?  My sense of justice dictates I fix the situation, reinforcing the good behavior I’ve always promoted. My need for adult interaction, however, screams “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

What would you do?


Don’t worry! No one is hurt 🙂

I just broke my glasses. Or rather, my sister’s small dog, who follows me like a shadow, stepped on them. They snapped right where the bridge meets the lense frame, totally unrepairable! So, it’s time for a trip to the eye doctor. It’s sad, though, because I’ve had those glasses for 6 1/2 years. We were good together.

Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to upgrade to contacts!

Every cloud has a silver lining 😉