Scotland, and a short break

This week, we will be “traveling” to Scotland, home of rolling green hills, men wearing skirts, and Nessy.

Also, on Thursday, Friday, (and Saturday), we will be at our bible fellowship’s Children’s Camp, so I don’t have anything scheduled for those days. However, I will list a few additional activities and interesting links under the calendar for anyone interested. Just don’t expect to see any pictures of those in the album at the end of summer (because we’re not doing them!).

So, here it is!









The Bluebells of Scotland

Clap Yer Handies

Ally Bally Bee

Children’s Fellowship Summer Camp


Tell Loch Ness Monster stories

Tell “Once Upon a Time” stories

Robert the Bruce and the Spider


Go “fishing” in Loch Ness

Make a castle board game

Dancing to Scottish music


Make kilts from paper bags

Sink or Float experiments

Make spiders from playdough

Extra Activities:

Make a Nessy puppet

Build “Hadrian’s Wall” with blocks

Golf 🙂

Have a HIghland Games competition

Bake Scottish Shortbread

Have fun this week, and we’ll see you when we get back from our other camp adventure!



52 Pick Up

Not my favorite game, but it’s simple and it’s keeping Monkey Nose busy on these cold rainy days.
We have a set of playing cards that are pink and purple, instead of black and red. No one plays actual card games with them because they’re too… I don’t know… pink and purple, I guess.
Well, Monkey Nose LOVES to throw them all on the floor, one by one, and watch Mama pick them ALL up again. It makes her belly laugh, which I love to hear. So, I put up with it.
Maybe it’s time to reverse the roles … then I might enjoy this game as much as she does!