The Letter B

In a rare, but welcomed, moment of academics, Monkey Nose found an alphabet themed workbook and decided to do some “work”. My only instructions were to find a crayon or pencil, open the book and find a page she would like to color. She picked the page with the letter B and started coloring, talking about the pictures of things that begin with /b/, and what the letter looks like.

She was showing so much interest, I decided to open up the “work” a little by writing an uppercase B on the easel paper. MN came right over, so I showed her how to feel the crayon-wax making the shape of the letter. When she picked up a crayon to color there, I walked away.

A few minutes later, she exclaimed, “I made a B!” So proud of herself! She went on to draw a picture of herself and a “tiny boat with a bumblebee inside.”

Here is a picture of the artist and her work!