When We Were Weeding

I didn’t really mean to have such a wonderfully alliterate title, but I like it 🙂
Anyway, Monkey Nose and I went out in the front yard to do some much overdue weeding.  We kneeled down and got to work. Then I heard a little noise like this, “What work, tee work!” It took a few repeats to realize MN was singing the song from “Wonderpets”. It was so cute! Every time she pulled up a weed, she sang her version of “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”

After a while, we turned to pull weeds from under this tree.


There were a lot under there. They were hard to see because of all those weepy branches. As I cleared them away, I saw these little blue things.


Can you see them? They’re robin eggs! How exciting! But, how did they get there? Hmm…

Then I looked up and saw this.


A robin’s nest! How cool! We have a robin family in our tree! And, it’s right in front of a window, so we can watch them come and go! (Can you tell I’m excited?) I hope they keep living there so we can take more pictures! This may become the first post in a series. We’ll see.  😉


Size Comparisons

A few years ago, a co-worker gave my mom a tower of snacks for Christmas. The kind that comes in boxes in descending order, and a different yummy treat is inside each. Well, the boxes have hung around as decorations during the holiday seasons. This year, they didn’t get put away because they have been used as a toy for a little Monkey I know.
Monkey Nose loves to take the tops off the boxes and try to match them back up again. Then, she’ll pile them up and knock them over. Sometimes she even gets them in the right order, but usually they’re just in a pile. They fall easier that way 😉
Who knew that such a simple, generic gift, could bring so much joy and learning to a little girl? If only we could remember who it was from so I could send them a “Thank you”!