Bummis Meme Contest

A while ago, right around the time Pumpkin Baby started eating solids, the cloth diaper company, Bummis, had a meme contest. They posted a picture and asked moms to write a caption, and the funniest would win their new Best Ever Bib. So I entered.

And I won! Hooray!

Here’s the meme I made.


Here’s Pumpkin Baby eating sweet potatoes without a bib.


And here is Pumpkin Baby wearing her Best Ever Bib!


Thanks so much Bummis!!!


Scotland, and a short break

This week, we will be “traveling” to Scotland, home of rolling green hills, men wearing skirts, and Nessy.

Also, on Thursday, Friday, (and Saturday), we will be at our bible fellowship’s Children’s Camp, so I don’t have anything scheduled for those days. However, I will list a few additional activities and interesting links under the calendar for anyone interested. Just don’t expect to see any pictures of those in the album at the end of summer (because we’re not doing them!).

So, here it is!









The Bluebells of Scotland

Clap Yer Handies

Ally Bally Bee

Children’s Fellowship Summer Camp


Tell Loch Ness Monster stories

Tell “Once Upon a Time” stories

Robert the Bruce and the Spider


Go “fishing” in Loch Ness

Make a castle board game

Dancing to Scottish music


Make kilts from paper bags

Sink or Float experiments

Make spiders from playdough

Extra Activities:

Make a Nessy puppet



Build “Hadrian’s Wall” with blocks

Golf 🙂

Have a HIghland Games competition

Bake Scottish Shortbread

Have fun this week, and we’ll see you when we get back from our other camp adventure!


Look what came in the mail!


In the mailbox this morning was one of those great offers from Highlights Magazine, for a series featuring world travel. I always enjoyed reading (and coloring in) these magazines as a kid (*ahem adult*). And it will be exciting to share these moments with my little ones.
Of course the magazines are developmentally inappropriate for Monkey Nose right now, but the package included these stickers! What amazing timing! It almost seems like the people over at Highlights were reading my blog.
Well, almost 😉

Get a FREE copy of The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide!


I was referred to this page by a friend, and now I’m paying it forward. From now until 7am tomorrow (July 9), you can download a free copy of this blogger’s book on homeschooling. I haven’t read it, but I am always searching for good resources on homeschooling. After I’ve read it, I’ll update with a review. If you read it too, feel free to comment with your thoughts. Homeschooling is really customizable, and there’s no “one size fits all”, but we can all learn from each other’s experiences and hopefully meet the needs of our children.